Reaffirm and Extend the Geneva Conventions





Killer Drones



Fear the Dark Star, Fear the Reaper
The soul of mankind's sinking deeper and deeper
Unseen enemies up in the sky
Death coming at you in the blink of an eye
Killer drones buzzing everywhere
Pay dose attention, Be aware
Starting from the US to the Middle East
Pretty soon they'll be up above your hometown street

Looking through your window into your bed
Spying on you or maybe killing you dead
It's just like another video game
Evil and Death now have a new name
Call them drones, call them unmanned ?ights
Up above you soon in the day and the night
Buzzing overhead like a summer lawn mower
A new way to control, a new way of war

They hit so fast, no time to pray
Push of a button 8,000 miles away
They don't know what hit them in that desert sand
Everything's clean here, no blood on no hands
On the green screen a big blinding ?ash
When you get a clear kill, just kick bad< and relax
Then shut down the computer, go pick up the kids
Don't tell them though, what daddy just did

It's the government, the military, your local police
Excited about these drones and the possibilities
Don't kid yourself my friends, better start to think
They'll be up above your driveway quidcer than you can blink
Technology gone crazy, technology gone mad
Everybody's plugged in now, everyone's been had
We're doomed when technology outstrips humanity
Mr. Einstein handed down those words for you and me

These new wings of death are flying low and high
Across every border in every sky
Now everywhere can be a killing zcwe
Like the eagle and the wild hawk this predator drone
Except the eagle and the wild hawk are just looking to survive
Predator and Reaper make sure no one gets out alive
Eagle and hawk just kill what they can eat
The Predator drone kills where politics and big business meet

Wings of death hovering all over the world
Threatening every man and woman, every boy and girl
Another tool of evil like the nuclear bomb
Dark star ending lives, bringing funeral songs
Stand up together, we are not alone
Fight the death dealers and the killer drones
Stop the madness, it's out of control
Fight like warriors now for the human heart and soul
Fight like vgarriors now for the human heart and soul
Fight like waarriors now for the human heart and soul

Words and Music by Don Michael Sampson
© Wind in the Trees Music BMI 2012




Evolving News

Report Finds 'Indisputable' Proof That U.S. Tortured Detainees After 9/11  April, 2013.

LINK TV has a collection of news videos available online on the theme of accountability for torture, including a call from Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez for a Truth Commission on the subject..  (Dec. 2009)


Torturing Democracy:
 A two hour video documentary on the US abandonment of the Geneva Conventions, and practice of torture, in the 2001-2008 time period -- from the National Security Archive & shown on PBS. (May 2009)


The Trouble With Torture...  A position paper against torture that explores the danger of torture for the people who inflict it and the countries that allow it.
By Dennis Rivers.(June 2009)



Torture issue erupts in U.S. politics with the release of previously classified legal memos that allow brutal interrogation, including waterboarding. (May 2009)

New York Times archive of articles and documents on the topic of torture.

Timeline on the USA Torture Memos

Video discussion



Two terror suspects waterboarded a total of 266 times (NY Times)



The Red Cross Torture Report: What It Means. April 30, 2009 article in the New York Review of Books by Mark Danner.



Report Outlines Medical Workers’ Role in Torture. April 6, 2009 article in NY Times.



Secret Red Cross report, now leaked, reveals US torture of detainees. What happens next?

(April 9, 2009)



Senate report on torture raises question of possible indictment of top officials in US government. (Dec. 2008)

N.Y. Times editorial

Video interview with Sen. Carl Levin on accountability of US officials for practice of torture



Guantánamo prosecutor resigns in protest over fairness of legal proceedings against prisoners (Oct. 2008)



U.S. Catholic Bishops release study guide on torture as a moral issue:
view web page
view PDF file



Physicians For Human Rights releases detailed report:

Broken Laws, Broken Lives: Medical Evidence of Torture by the US.  (June, 2008)



A Torture Debate Among Healers:  Psychologists' professional association rocked with debate about psychologists participating in torture and harsh interrogation (April 2008)



Resolution Against Torture from the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) / (Sept. 2006)  10MB PDF file.



Pastoral Letter Against Torture from ministers of the United Church of Christ (May 2008)


 Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Work to build the kind of world in which you yourself would like to live.

Ram Dass


A good end cannot sanctify evil means; nor must we ever do evil, that good might come of it.

William Penn

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